The Children of Robert Burch 1834 - 1899

This photograph taken circa 1877 by William Boyer and is part of the Siddery Collection of Kent photographs shows Emily Burch née Drayson and seven of her thirteen children at Church Gate Farm, Woodnesborough, Kent.

Back row left to right - Nellie age c11, Robert (my Grandfather) age c8,
Front row left to right - Alice age c4, Ruth age c6, Polly age c9, Rosa age c2, Emily Burch age c30 holding baby Lillian

Children of Robert Burch and Sarah Pemble

George Burch, known locally as "Old George", born c1858.
Jenny Burch (known as Jane) born c1862
Emily Burch born c1863

Children of Robert Burch and Emily Drayson

Thomas James Drayson born 1864 - Illegitimate son of Emily and unknown father, raised by Robert.
Nellie Burch (Baptised Ellen Sarah) born 1867
Polly Burch (Baptised Mary Ann) born 1869
Robert Burch Born 1870
Ruth Burch born 1871
Alice Burch (Baptised Fanny Elizabeth) born 1873
Rosa Janet Burch born 1875
Lillian Burch (Baptised Lydia ) born 1878
Harriet Rebecca Burch born 1879
Jack Burch (Baptised John Charles) born 1880
Phoebe Janet Burch born 1882
Triss Burch (Baptised Susan Annie) born 1883
Henry Burch born 1884
Daisy Burch born 1885
Charles Burch Born 1888
Walter Burch Born 1889
Wilfred James Burch born 1892
Bessie Drayson Burch born 1894