William's Children

Several family researchers are looking for "our William" we know he was born out of the county but the question is where. Any information on your stray William Osborn(e) will be most welcome.

Children of William Osborn and Ann ?

William - baptised 19 June 1815, his father William is shown as a Gamekeeper for Sir Samuel Scott on his Birth Certificate.

This picture is a copy of a photo of a painting of William Osborn. Said to have been painted seated outside his cottage in Plaistow, Bromley, Kent by one of the daughter of his employer Sir Samuel Scott owner of Sundridge Park in Bromley, where William and his father before him were Gamekeepers.

Note the down turned mouth which is one of the characteristics of the Osborn men.

Ann Maria - born 30 September 1817, baptised 26 October 1817. William was shown as a labourer

Robert - born 1 May 1824, baptised 28 May 1824. William was a Gamekeeper.

Charlotte - born 11 July 1829 baptised 19 July 1829. William was a Gamekeeper.

Harriet - born 29 April 1831 baptised 5 June 1831. William was a Grocer ??

Harriet Jane - baptised 6 Feb 1848 at the Parish Church. This would make our William about 68 - good man eh!!

Of the 6 Baptisms recorded, William is a gamekeeper on 4, Grocer on 1, and labourer on 1.