Welcome to the Osborn Family Genealogy pages.

At the moment there are in excess of 820 ancestors on our Family Tree. These pages are in many cases just an outline of each of our family names. I am very happy to share information with other researchers please contact me for further information mailto:[email protected].

Several Family lines have been researched extensively.

Osborn Family - my Father's line, we are back to a dead end in Bromley Kent in 1815 with William Osborn.
Burch Family - my Mother's line, extends back to John and Jane Birch in Kent c1560 with extensive research into the life of my Great Grandfather Robert Burch 1834 - 1899 and his 21 children.
Drayson Family, starts with my Great Grand Mother Emily Burch nee Drayson 1847 - 1940.
White Family from my paternal Grandmother Flora White 1874 - 1948 back to c1700 in the area that is now Milton Keynes.
King Family - my maternal Great Grandmother's.

Some of our ancestors appear in more detail on my World War One web site

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